Rules and Regulations

At Fortino Hunting Club, we are committed to hunting in a safe and enjoyable setting, and that is why we have laid out the following rules and regulations:

Hunting by reservation only.
One must have a valid hunting license and also be registered at the clubhouse prior to hunting.
The loading of guns is prohibited until one is within the hunting area.
No spectators allowed.
Cancellations must be made twelve hours prior to going hunting, or there will be a fifty dollar charge.
No alcoholic beverages allowed within the hunting area at any time.
The club reserves the right to cancel any membership with no remittance of fees for unsportsmanlike conduct.
We will not be responsible for hunting accidents or accidents of any type.
No one under the age of eighteen will be allowed to hunt unless they have a valid hunting license and have also passed the Hunter Safety Course.
All members and guests must wear blaze orange vests and a blaze orange hat.
All birds must be checked and registered before leaving.
ALL unused birds by the end of the season will be lost. 
All hunters must stop hunting and unload their firearms, while club personnel are in the fields releasing birds.